Mosaiqa Is

The Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991 led to the revival, rediscovery, and reinterpretation of the indigenous cultures and  traditions of over 100 different nations living in the world’s last vast territorial empire.

Mosaiqa is inspired by the need to teach American audiences about the vast and rich cultural diversity that exists among people living in along the part of the ancient Silk Road that wends its way through Central Asia.

  • We sell original recordings by exceptionally gifted Central Asian musicians.
  • We are putting together material for a book of recipes for Silk Road dumplings and the stories women tell as they fold dough around fillings.
  • We create and implement residency tours for universities and cultural organizations that introduce new knowledge of Central Asia.
  • We promote increased cross-cultural understanding between the west and east.

Our focus includes formerly Soviet countries, including the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, and territories where Muslims live in the Russia.

Mosaiqa features the region’s most innovative virtuosic artists and artisans – people who have dedicated their immeasurable talents to reviving and reinterpreting their ancient traditions for the 21st century.

In addition to teaching about diversity through music and the culinary arts, Mosaiqa provides professionalization opportunities for Central Eurasian performers. At present, these include occasional tours to the U.S. during which artists play in front of new audiences and engage in informal and onstage collaborations with musicians trained in genres and disciplines other than their own.



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